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HttpWizard Windows 8 application privacy policy

September 28, 2012

As requested by the Windows Store policies, here there is the privacy policy for HttpWizard.

Information according to art. 13 of the Legislative Decree n.196/2003

Raffaele Rialdi (hereunder called "Raffaele Rialdi"), with head office in via Semeria, 16A - 16131 - GE, wants to give the following information.

Raffaele Rialdi collects and processes data concerning your enterprise for aims connected to management of orders and of commercial relations as well as for aims concerning customer/supplier accountancy, invoicing, credit management; to meet obligations as provided for by the regulations in force. Your data may be processed for in-house, statistics and market research aims.

Data processing may be performed by both computer-controlled and manual instruments, in compliance with all measures necessary to guarantee information safety and secrecy. All data will be processed by the privacy Manager, also through other persons who will act as Persons in charge within or outside the Manager structure or as delegates. In particular, the following people may know these data: employees or co-operators of any enterprise units involved in supply of services from time to time offered by Raffaele Rialdi, as well as employees and/or co-operators of those companies that, according to appointment as Enterprises in charge of Data Processing, will perform marketing or promotional activities for and on behalf of the Manager.

According to the provision of art. 13, paragraph 1, letter "and", we inform you about rights to page to personal data, mentioned by art. 7.

  1. The concerned party has the right to have confirmation about existence or not, of personal data that concern him/her, even if not still registered, and their communication in intelligible form;
  2. The concerned party has the right to know:
    • the origin of his/her personal data;
    • aims and methods of data processing;
    • logics applied in case of data process performed by electronic instruments;
    • essential data that identify the owner, managers and the representative appointed according to art. 5, paragraph 2;
    • persons or categories of persons to whom personal data may be communicated or who become informed as appointed representative in the State territory, persons in charge or delegates.
  3. The concerned party has the right to obtain:
    • updating, amendment or, in case of interest, supplement of data;
    • deletion/write-off, transformation in anonymous form or block of data processed in transgression of a law, also of data of which storage is not necessary in connection with aims for which data have been collected or subsequently processed;
    • the statement that the operations mentioned at letters a) and b) have been made known, even as far their content is concerned, to the persons to whom these data have been communicated or spread, except for the case in which such performance is impossible or requires use of means that quite is out of proportion to the right to be protected.
  4. The concerned party has the right to completely or partially oppose:
    1. because of lawful reasons, process of personal data that concern him/her, even if these data concern the aim of collection;
    2. or process of personal data that concern him/her, with the aim to delivery of advertising matters or direct sale or to perform market research or to send commercial communication.

Users who will exercise the rights provided for by art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, may at any moment contact Raffaele Rialdi, via Semeria, 16A - 16131 - GE, or send their request/claim by e-mail through the contact form of this website

HttpWizard application does not require the user to type any personal info. Anyway we want to inform the user that barcodes may contain informations (such as the ones that are commonly typed on the web) that can be easily read from many devices. These informations are saved upon user choice, inside the user profile that can be eventually be subject to roaming as provided by the Operating System and the user profile choices. Raffaele Rialdi will not take any responsabilities for the data the user type nor how the data is used.

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