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GetComputerName on Windows CE / Windows Mobile (VC++)

July 21, 2010
There is no GetComputerName API on Windows CE and I could not find any Compact Framework class to obtain this functionality. On these devices you can find the computer (pda) name in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Ident\Name If you want to take a look at the registry on your devices/emulators...

What's new in Workflow Foundation 4.0 and Windows Communication Foundation 4.0

May 24, 2010
Questo è il materiale della sessione che ho tenuto in Microsoft Italia per il workshop UGIdotNET. Note:Per far funzionare l'esempio con Twitter è necessario leggere attentamente il file readme.txt Per far funzionare gli esempi di WCF in console è necessario dare il permesso all'endpoint http. Mag...

Converting Excel cell row and column to string (and vice versa)

October 22, 2009
Last year I wrote two libraries to generate OOXML (Office OpenXML) ECMA-376 compliant files: wordprocessing (docx) and spreadsheet (xlsx). Although I needed it, I always thought that was a useless work since Microsoft is working on the OOXML SDK that is currently in CTP for version 2. As a member...

Read shell file properties

October 21, 2009
Some months ago, I talked with Diego Cattaruzza about the chance to read the file properties. It happens that "depends" on the file type. A couple of years ago, if I remember well, I used some PInvoke code to read file properties via COM Structured Storage. In these days OPC files have propertie...

Aligning decimal numbers to the separator

October 20, 2009
There are tons of options for custom formatting a number, but not enough :) Let's take a series of double/decimal numbers: 1:double[] doubles = { 2: -1234.56789, 3: 1234.56789, 4: 1234.5678, 5: 1234.56, 6: 1234.5, 7: 1234.56789, 8: 123.56789, 9: 1...

Windows 7 for developer (UGIdotNET workshop session) material is here

September 23, 2009
The powerpoint attachment contains only italian slides.Download Italian pptx Demos are international :) and you will need Microsoft API CodePack that is a managed wrapper over the native Win32 API that are new in Windows 7. Demos were created with a beta release of CodePack, so there could be som...

Using Vista and Windows 7 Firewall from Visual C++

September 09, 2009
In Vista the Firewall API changed a lot in comparison to the previous versions. You can drive the Windows Firewall using a COM API, a layer over the Windows Filtering Platform. If you are thinking to develop directly the WFP, it's better to change your idea. WFP is a low level API to build Firewa...

Simple class to convert decimal numbers to italian handwriting

September 09, 2009
This is a simple class to convert a decimal number to italian characters. For example 1234.5 to "milleduecentotrentaquattro/50". This is often required in financial applications. Questa semplice classe permette di convertire un numero decimal in lettere italiane. Per esempio 1234.5 in "milleduece...
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