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HttpWizard Windows 8 application privacy policy

September 28, 2012
As requested by the Windows Store policies, here there is the privacy policy for HttpWizard. Information according to art. 13 of the Legislative Decree n.196/2003 Raffaele Rialdi (hereunder called "Raffaele Rialdi"), with head office in via Semeria, 16A - 16131 - GE, wants to give the following ...

DeployManager June 2011 edition

June 23, 2011
There are new huge news for DeployManager tool that I initially released last year (http://www.iamraf.net/Tools/DeployManager-first-release-certificates-management).Here is a list of the new additions.Filtering There is a new toolbar that enable filtering capabilities in both the tree and the lis...

HttpNamespace, a Win32 utility to reserve an HttpEndpoint

September 07, 2009
When you need to publish a WCF or WWS service or an application that must listen on http, you must reserve an http namespace. Since Windows 2003 there is a new Http handler in kernel mode that handle/route the request to applications. This way you can listen to a single address/port couple from m...
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