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Thoughts from the build conference 2014

April 14, 2014
It's a long time I don't blog because the twitter-mania moved my thoughts out there. Furthermore I am very happy about my last October renewal as a developer security MVP which continue to give me the chance to discuss a lot of cool stuff with the cool people (and friends) inside Microsoft. While...

Windows 8 Release Preview and the unhandled exception 0xC000027B

June 25, 2012
The good news (for us) is that we, in my company, obtained the Token for publishing the new Metro-Style applications on the Windows 8 Store. Currently the Store is not yet accessible from the broad public unless you pass a sort of pre-certification. While we were working on the Barcode applicatio...

Speaker at Microsoft Days 2012 in Bulgaria – Sofia

January 26, 2012
On March 28 and 29, Microsoft Bulgaria will host in Sofia the traditional event "Microsoft Days". I am very happy to be the speaker of two pillar arguments of the next technology wave:Introduction to Windows Runtime (WinRT) The Asynchronous Pattern in WinRT/Metro and .NET 4.5 The abstracts are ...

Ten Years of Trustworthy Computing at Microsoft

January 23, 2012
Ten years ago Bill Gates decided to change the company's approach by introducing the Trustworthy Computing initiative in a famous e-mail addressed to all his employees. This decision triggered a huge change in software development not only inside Microsoft but also for all developers who use Micr...

Essential WinRT part 3: contracts and activation

October 24, 2011
The new Windows start screen 8 shows a number of tiles that may look like a revamped version of the old shortcuts: But appearances can be deceptive and tiles are not shortcuts and they do not launch directly the application process. The crucial point is that Windows Runtime (WinRT) is the laye...


Creating Word docx document using Office Open XML SDK 2.0

January 19, 2010
There is no doubt that the new Office Open XML file format is a huge gain for every developer, and as conseguence for users too. The new file format is native in Office 2007 but can be also used natively with a plugin in Office 2003 and with external (free) utilities with previous Office releases...

Creating a GUI Application with the .NET Micro Framework

September 10, 2009
This is the same article that was published in the Micro Framework blog on October 9, 2007.    The Swim Timer Application As one of my first projects with the .NET Micro Framework, I created a more sophisticated version of a little project I developed some time ago: a counter for swim training....


HttpWizard Windows 8 application privacy policy

September 28, 2012
As requested by the Windows Store policies, here there is the privacy policy for HttpWizard. Information according to art. 13 of the Legislative Decree n.196/2003 Raffaele Rialdi (hereunder called "Raffaele Rialdi"), with head office in via Semeria, 16A - 16131 - GE, wants to give the following ...

DeployManager June 2011 edition

June 23, 2011
There are new huge news for DeployManager tool that I initially released last year (http://www.iamraf.net/Tools/DeployManager-first-release-certificates-management).Here is a list of the new additions.Filtering There is a new toolbar that enable filtering capabilities in both the tree and the lis...


GetComputerName on Windows CE / Windows Mobile (VC++)

July 21, 2010
There is no GetComputerName API on Windows CE and I could not find any Compact Framework class to obtain this functionality. On these devices you can find the computer (pda) name in the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Ident\Name If you want to take a look at the registry on your devices/emulators...
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